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The Last Wish

if I try to describe this

silence, no voice over my head

silence, no authority instead

my point of view became a hiss

and if I try to utter the word

fight, is what I’ve been doing

fight, no more battle and fighting

the blue have reached my lonely world

that we should keep our promises

I know that proverb far too well

and I saw the tiring battle so well

maybe my hope already faithless

all the blood and sweat I tear

and those of them in my skin

my sword fell, shield running thin

the ground is near, but I feel no more fear

if there is death between lives

if there is lie between deeds

I want them to know I fought hard

if there is doubt between steps

if there is tear between sins

I want them to know I believe

if there is Love in world

then I’ve seen it

Red Lullaby

Come, Princess of Rose

Step to your chamber

Away to the bed of slumber.

Let the veils turn close.

I’ll sing you the song

Of macabre and tombstone.

Sleep, my rosy tone.

See the Love you miss so long.

Bade your dress of lace.

Close your eyes benerath the Red.

Sweet, give me your sweet pet.

I’ll sing of your sweet face.

Dear my Rose, see you again

In eternal dream and shadow.

Go to the silent meadow

And wake up in the land of foreign.

Dear my Rose, dream of me’

Beside you I’ll walk the way

To your dream I’ll go away.

Sleep, my Love, I’ll always see.

Embracement of Lies

I sit here in the middle of existence

questioning the very truth of life

trying to understand every changes

and lies are my company

When all reasons is fading

sins and awe know no bounds

I’m trying to listen and to believe

and lies are my company

Real pains feel so true

while faraway Love feels so far

I don’t know what can save me

and lies are my company

Facing every perilous enemy

with reasons as shields and armor

defending thousand piercing words

and lies are my company

When all my shield broke

armors breached and sword fell

with no castle to return to

and lies are my company

I became the witness of truth

and hopes of every grandest dreams

that will soon perish

and lies are my only company

Embracement of Dreams

I hear the whine

of people singing my name

pretending everything is fine

hiding in their own shame

Disgusting the very stance

of vanity, wiltting flowers

who seek the pleasure of glance

of beauty from criers

Then finally blushing red

within the very voice of Love

from the sweetest lad

in short, dreamless sleep I have

Days sicken every fiber of my beings

and I’m searching for darkness

where there are no moan and feelings

only Love I brought from sickness

Then finally find him there

waiting in the quiet battlefield

smiling so true everywhere

and his soft face become my shield

In his embrace I shall rise


One day later

My body will die

But in the distich of this poem

I wouldn’t acquiesce you alone

One day later

My voice wouldn’t be heard again

Yet among rows of this poem

I will steadfast investigate you

One day later

My vision will be unrecognized again

Yet, in the letter cracks of this poem

I’ll look for you forever


Nobody resolute

Rather than the rain in June

Its yearning-drizzle is hidden

To the tree which has bloom

Nobody wise

Rather than the rain in June

His footprints is erased

Which hesitant in the way

Nobody skillful

Rather than the rain in June

The unspoken thing is ignored

Absorbed by the root of the flower tree


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